You want to remember THAT feeling

You know that this will be one of the most important days of your life!

You would love additional emotional support and a pair of extra hands so that your partner can focus on YOU.

I’ll slip seamlessly into your birth environment, holding space and pitching in as needed.  In the process, I’ll be a birth ninja creating intimate and emotional photographs that help you relive the BEST parts of your birth experience.

Birth photography starts at $1800.  $600 is paid upon booking and the balance of your chosen collection is due at 36 weeks – unless we set up a payment plan for the balance.

Answers to Your Questions
How much is the deposit?

The deposit is $600, which reserves your place in my calendar and covers my time on call and photographing your birth. Most clients choose to pay half of their remaining balance at 36 weeks and the remaining half once they view their birth story.

When will I see my birth story?

You will see your birth story approximately 6 weeks after your birth. This will give you time to rest, process some of the emotion you will have in those early days and form your own birth story before you see it from my perspective.

Will I have some photographs for an announcement?

Yes! I send 3-5 "sneak peek" images within a few days of the birth. You may use these as birth announcements on social media and share them with friends and family.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! There is so much to spend money on when you are having a baby. Other clients have spread their payments over 6-9 months to help with the cost. I am happy to customize a plan to make it happen!

How will you tell your story?

With a fusion slideshow, you get to relive the BEST parts of your birthing day – with Kleenex and a glass of wine.  You can flip through your favourite images in a beautiful album as you nurse your baby instead of thinking about it as something on your “to do” list.

If you are having a baby or in the planning stages and are curious about birth photography, I’d love to meet over tea.  There is no obligation to book – I always love a chance to chat about birth for a while.

Give me a call like it’s 2005 (or text like its 2017) – (403) 620-3285.  I would love to hear from you!

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