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Some Days I Don’t Shower….

There just isn’t time with all the things I have on my mind.  I am a lawyer and feminist – raising my two girls to be kind but fierce.  My coworkers are Portuguese Water Dogs named Targhee and Willis who remind me of what is really important in life (exercise, boundaries and affection).  I love riding my bicycles and wearing comfortable shoes.   When I’m home alone I eat popcorn for dinner.  I like to drink coffee (and beer) in the shower.

This Parenting Shit is Hard…

Marriage and motherhood is harder than I ever imagined it could be. It’s ok because I know that I’m not alone in the struggle. Photography introduces me to others that believe that real is better than perfect and memories are more important than things.  Amazing people who know how to find the gift in the struggle.  Together, we cry at long distance commercials.  We help each other feel like we are enough.  We stop time so that when the going gets tough they can remember how much they loved and were loved and still love.  I get to show parents that they are killing this parenting shit, even though they may not feel like it. Together we make beautiful art of everyday and once in a lifetime moments.   Birth – Life – Family.  At the end of the day, its all that really matters.


I live with loveable weirdos…

I share my life with Aaron.  Many people have told me he’s the funniest person they’ve ever met.  Conveniently, he likes bikes too…and vinyl and clean counters.  He is loyal and a dishwasher loading ninja.  He does all the laundry which makes him perfect.

I have two little girls.  Julia has a smile that will light up a room.  Margot is fierce but well worth the effort.

We share our lives with Targhee and Willis.  Targhee is black and hairy and is not very photogenic.  She is afraid of her food bowl and our record player and asked us to please just send back the kids.  We just welcomed a new little guy, Willis into the pack.  We aren’t sure what trouble he’ll get up to but I’ll be sure to let you know on instagram.

In 2015, my friend Felicia Chang photographed a day in our life.  These are the things that I want to remember about my family.  What will you remember about yours?