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Dear Cat.  I can’t thank you enough for not only capturing the birth of our first child, but for the presence that you brought, the great communication throughout the “on call” period and being more than “just” our birth photographer.  Two specific memories I have of you from the birth day are…looking up from being in the tub and seeing that familiar face and beaming smile then giving me a little wave – I felt comfort.  Later a nice cool hand grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.  I looked over and there you were taking time to reassure me with a simple gesture – I felt encouragement. I am forever grateful for the love and support I felt that day and you will always hold a special place in my heart.  Thank you for sharing your passion with us and documenting the birth of our precious little Julia.


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Did you know that we had the privilege of documenting Kingsley Mae’s arrival through the talents of Catherine McAteer?  Her photography captured the intensity of the night and how truly loved and supported I was by my mother, sister, husband, midwife and photographer turned friend. It really took a team of people and I am very grateful for them all (and that labour is almost two months behind me.. yay!!).

KARA (on Facebook)

Birth Client

Hi Cat! Well you brought Alfy and I to tears….so beautiful…it is THE most special memory we will have – 1 year old Jakob “day in the life” of our family.  I am still in awe!  Thank you, thank you, a gazillion thank yous!


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Thank you again for being part of such a momentous day.  We are so happy you were there for so many reasons.  [Our slideshow] is beautiful and exactly what we were hoping for.


Birth Clients

I wish I would have taken a video of me balling my eyes out in joy! I can’t stop watching it – probably on #20 now ;)….I am so proud of me and Aaron, my kids…Nona 🙂 And so in awe of your beautiful work 🙂


Birth Clients (and Photographer)

Hello Cat! I have had many tears as the moments you captured of Savannah’s birth are amazing!  Mark and I can’t thank you enough! The work you did is beautiful!  Thank you again for capturing the most amazing moments of our lives.


Birth Clients

Love, love, love it!!

Day in the Life Clients (and Friends)

Your photos lit up all of your faces last night with huge smiles!!! You are so talented…really…truly.  These images are a real gift to us…

Day in the Life Clients (and Friends) 

OMG! Shut up!  I love them SO MUCH!!

Photographer and Day in the Life Client 

Thanks again for being not only our photographer but such an amazing support person for me! I don’t think I could have lasted as long without your encouragement and support.  The photos you sent look amazing and I can’t wait to see the rest…


Couldn’t ask for better.  You’ll be around for the next…I’ll need all the help I can get again.

Birth Clients  

Oh my goodness!  I knew they would be lovely photos but I wasn’t really sure how much could be captured since everything unfolded so fast.  These are incredible.  I am so, so, so thankful that you were there.  The slideshow and video really paints the story of Arrow’s entrance into this world.  I’m also a mess!  Made me cry.  I can’t wait to share these with the midwives.

I wish more people had their births photographed.  It was such a relief knowing that there would be photos of such a special time…and we could just live the moments instead of worrying about taking photographs.


Birth Clients

[The slideshow] IS AMAZING!!! I am so in love with it.  Thank you so much!!!…I have watched it 15 times and cried each time…thank you so much Cat….you captured the emotions so perfectly.  I had my eyes closed most of my labour so it was nice to see the loving looks that Jack was giving me…

Doula and Birth Client 

Cat – we watched the birth slideshow tonight. I know I’ve said it but I have to say it again THANK YOU.  Being able to go back and relive one of the greatest nights of my life is the most incredible gift.  Thank you so much for giving that to me, to us.  You are so talented!

Birth Clients (and Friends)

We watched the video this weekend and we both LOVED it! We watched it over and over – we both think you did a fantastic job!! …we are so glad you were able to capture that day for us – it is something we will treasure forever. .

Birth Clients

I am so grateful that we decided to have a photographer for our third home birth. The moments captured were truly amazing for us especially during a time of such happiness and sadness.  My grandmother passed away unexpectedly a day and a half before Vann was born…as we all know through death comes birth. Cat captured both sides of our family coming together to create the loving space for a new baby to be born into.  We had a lot of support during this time and we are so blessed to have our loving family and friends.

I was worried that maybe Cat might be a distraction during labour but much to my surprise her presence was very serene and reassuring.  She fit right into the scene and was very accommodating with my older two boys.

When we received the first link to our pictures and slideshow I cried.  My husband and I both welled up with tears.  I sent it to all of my immediate family and they told me that it triggered them as well.  She captured all of the emotions felt and experienced…

Love what you have done for our family.  I know my Grandma would have absolutely loved it!


Birth Client

I loved the slide show. I have watched it a dozen times already and cry each time.  It is beautiful.  I am so glad that you were able to be there to capture this crazy, beautiful time in our life!


Birth Client

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you again. It has been just about three months since the birth of our baby boy and we regularly go back and watch our slideshow and look at our photos. Having you there at our birth was one of the best decisions I have ever made! You documented our special day with such incredible talent and I could never thank you enough for the keepsakes you have given us.

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