In the birth world, people talk a lot about a healing birth.  Hoping and planning for things to be different the next time around, taking control over certain things.  Feeling more in control and more confident.   Birth can heal in other aspects of life as well.  Women who are supported in birth and have control over the process gain confidence in other aspects of their lives. They gain strength to make hard decisions or simply carry on.

First births are hard.  Your body has never done this particular thing before and your brain – forget about it!  Sure our biology is designed for it but it seems like sometimes our bodies don’t actually get the memo.  Or maybe they received the memo when we were 20 but forgot what it said.  Put it in a drawer or hit delete when it flew into our inbox.

Second births are crazy.  We only have the first one to compare it to.  We are experienced but only in first births.  Our bodies have read the memo and taken the course. They are like an excited teenager who thinks they know everything about birth.  But….our bodies haven’t sent our brains the memo yet though so we are surprised when it happens more quickly.  We don’t leave enough time.   We race to the hospital or our midwives race to us.   The intensity of a quick birth can be as tricky as a long, arduous one.

Third births are wild cards.  The midwives say so and I believe its true.  But sometimes a third birth is a charm.  Our minds and bodies are experienced.  We have a wonderful care provider.  We know more about what is happening to our birthing bodies.  We recognize the signs more clearly.  We time things perfectly.   Of course, there is still doubt and pain but we come through it and triumph.  This confidence fills us with strength and gives us the nudge that we need to continue our already crazy lives with another baby on our chest.   We have birthed again – so we can do anything.

Through my eyes, this third birth was like that.  You can see it in the faces – the joy and relief of knowing this perfect little being is finally here.

Congratulations you guys!  After a long, hard pregnancy with the craziness of two boys at home, you gave birth on your own terms.  It was an awesome thing to witness – there was no place I would have rather been that night.  Sweet girl….welcome to your beautiful family – a strong, funny mama, a loving dad and two brothers who are going to love you, protect you, teach you crazy things and probably give you a bruise or two in the process.

The amazing midwives of Briar Hill Midwives attended this birth and as always, were awesome to watch in action.  Thank you again for welcoming me into the birth space.

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