I’ve taken a hiatus from personal blogging this spring. Actually, I have taken a break from personal shooting this spring as I’ve been all consumed with my birth photography business. I was fortunate to have four births in four weeks’ this April and May. It was wonderful, soul filling, inspiring work but it sapped all of my creative energy and interest in picking up my camera and documenting my own family’s life. That and it was the end of winter, a brown, muddy, gloomy time in Calgary and not the most inspiring of environments for photography.   I’ve missed this little 10 on 10 project though and most of all, the feeling of collaborating on something with a group of amazing friends and photographers.

This past weekend was the first sign of summer and we gathered six girls under the age of six in our friends’ backyard for a fire, bike races, lilac picking, s’mores and other silliness. What a perfect thing to document for my June 10 on 10.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, it has been spring for months – check out my dear friend Felicia’s 10 on 10 next coming to you from beautiful (and perhaps slightly rainy but they’ll never admit it to us Calgarians) Vancouver, BC.

Snappystreet Photography

Just beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Allison Shellaway

So fun! I love the B&W one of the girls on their bikes. <3