You want to remember THAT feeling!

Your birth! You’ve been waiting and planning and hoping and wondering.

Maybe you would love a little extra support and an extra pair of hands so that your partner can focus on YOU.

You know that this will be one of the most important days of your life and you want to be able to relive the BEST parts of your birth over and over again.

That’s where I come in.  I will slip quietly into your birth environment – holding space and helping out.  You can focus on your baby while I make beautiful and intimate photographs.  Pictures that will help you FEEL what it was like, SEE what was going on around you and UNDERSTAND how your birth has changed you.

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A Midwife's Thoughts on Birth Photography

Clients frequently ask my thoughts on birth photography. I tell them - always - do it! There is nothing more empowering than images, captured forever, of warrior birthers bringing life into the world.

Cat captures those moments with grace, connection and beauty.

I think every family should have a photographer at their birth. The magic that happens in those moments can never be re-enacted.

Cat is a blessing to have at births. She is loving and caring. She captures incredibly intimate moments with sensitivity and tact...

Tamara Lacelle, Midwife, Briar Hill Midwives

Common Questions About Birth Photography
Will photography change how I feel about my birth?

It might and its great to think about this question. My clients have told me that my photographs have enhanced the best parts of what they remember, shown them things they didnt know happened and helped them to understand their birth better.

What will you publish?

Your birth photographs are intimate family memories and I will always respect your privacy. I do believe in sharing positive birth imagery and I will likely ask to share some. But you will always have a chance to see your images before they are published and I will never share anything before you have a chance to share your news!

Do you offer videography?

Absolutely! Videography lets you remember certain sounds and details that cant be captured by photographs. Most of my clients choose to add video to their birth story.

What about my birth partner?

Birth photography often seems a bit strange to our partners. Many have been hesitant beforehand but are often the biggest proponents of birth photography once they see their own birth stories.

About You
Your Favourite Movies Make You Cry

You are a wanderer. A traveller. An adventurer. Your family is everything. You keep memories not things.  You are a trend setter who doesn’t follow the crowd.  You love all things local.  You buy organic because what if it really does matter? You crave community and meaningful connection.  You love your kids like crazy!

Your friends think you have it all together but some days you want to scream that you have no f-ing idea what you are doing and that its hard and that you want to crawl back into bed and stop being a mother for  JUST ONE DAY!  Or is that only me?

But can I tell you a secret? You’ve got this!  In fact, you are rocking this thing called being an adult! All you need to do is keep trusting, being kind – most of all to yourself, ask for help – I know you don’t want to, accept that you have no control – damn and keep putting one foot in front of the other, one hour at a time! We’ve got this!


My work has been featured in Birthing Magazine, the Huffington Post, BabyCenter and BuzzFeed.

I am a proud member of the Canadian Birth Photographers and the International Association of Birth Photographers.

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